Thursday, June 8, 2017


She worked in the banking industry for many years. She began as a teller, and was good at figures and balancing her drawer, never short, with few, if any errors. After a short time, she became their teller trainer. From there she moved up to be a manager of three branches, and then a vice president.
She had her own clients, and some were there and stayed because of her excellence in customer service. When the bank sold and changed hands and policy, she decided to retire.

One of Ann's friends from the bank had also retired, and was working part time for the local school district. She loved her job because she worked at her convenience; on call for substituting when classroom aides took a day off. Say yes when you want to work and no when you don't. It sounded good to Ann, and she decided to try it.

There's a screening and interview process, and Ann was told she was "overqualified" but they were glad to have her. They didn't know if she'd last because she might be bored. "Bored would be nice", she told them. She was hired after her screening and started working with the younger children, in the classes for children with special needs. The  administration had no need to be concerned; she was far from bored. She was learning many new things. She liked it. A lot. So much so that she rarely said no when they asked her to work. It was so very different than the banking industry; she had not anticipated just how much she would love her new job.

After a couple of weeks, Ann was called to the principal's office for a meeting. She couldn't understand why; had she done something wrong and was she was getting detention, she joked. But in reality, she knew what the meeting would be about. They wanted her to work for them full time in one particular class. The children there are all on the Autism spectrum, and she was a perfect fit for their classroom. She was kind and patient. She didn't get upset or lose her temper when difficult things happened in the room. And she made a difference in the overall climate of the room. The children worked well with her and liked her. She thought about the job offer and decided to accept. Everyone was happy about that; she was a welcome addition to the team.

Recently, there was a very difficult day for everyone. All the children were out of sorts. Some were "melting down". Some were yelling, some generally uncooperative. For one boy, it was just too much, and he was lying on the floor and refusing to get up. For twenty minutes. He was over stimulated and had simply gotten to the melting point and refused any help or intervention. Ann sat by him and talked quietly with him, and when he was unable to deal with that as well, she began to pray.

After a time, a wonderful peace descended on the room; the children began to settle down. The child on the floor decided to get up. Ann told me that it was "thick in there; I don't know how else to describe it". I knew exactly what she meant. Sometimes the Presence of the Lord comes so strongly when we pray that it really does feel thick; like honey, is how I describe it. His Presence is sweet and powerful, peaceful and strong. I love it. Apparently, so did the children in her classroom. I often say that many in our special needs community know God in ways that we can't begin to imagine; that they're in touch with Him in ways we don't know because He stays close and they're so sensitive in so many ways that they just know Him. It's quite remarkable when you begin to see this. It completely changes your perspective on spiritual matters with them. I've begun to expect to see them move in things of the Spirit of God. Ann does too.

When things had calmed down in the classroom and order had been restored, one of Ann's co-workers walked over to her and softly said, "You're the Child Whisperer." Indeed she is.

God stopped by and brought His peace in the midst of chaos because one of His children stopped to pray. And pray. And pray until something happened.  Isn't He so good?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yesterday I was shopping, and as I was leaving the store, I was stopped by one of the guys who was selling home improvements. I stopped to listen even though we don't need anything, and if we did, Paul would do most of it himself or hire one of our friends. I let the guy go through his talking points, and even though I kept telling him that we didn't need anything, and that my husband wouldn't let them come for the free estimate, he kept talking. I was very patient. I let him try again. and again. He tried once again and then I said to him; "Nope. Now it's my turn." He just stopped talking and looked at me. He didn't know what to say for a moment.
I asked him his name, to be sure I had gotten it right, and he asked me for mine. Then I asked him how he was feeling, and he said he was fine. Back okay? Yeah, so far. I told him not to say that and to just expect the best. He smiled. Then I asked about his job and where he wanted to go, was he in school, did he want more than what he was doing now, and he said he really liked the company and planned to stay with them and wanted and go further. I offered to pray for him, and he said sure. And then I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said he did. I started to pray for him and mentioned the name of Jesus, and asked God to bless him.  He kept eye contact with me the whole time. Then he said that he didn't really know Jesus, and was raised Muslim. He said that he knew about Jesus, and that his girlfriend talked about Jesus all the time. He said he wasn't really any faith, that he was more of an Agnostic. 

So I told him a bit about who Jesus is, that He is God's son, and that he is God. And I told him that Jesus loves him and died for his sins, and for the sin of all people. When I did this, I could see that it hit him in his spirit. He actually kind of drew himself up and back a bit, but was totally engaged with what I was saying. I told him that there is a heaven, and that Jesus made the way for us to go there. He said that he had never heard that before. So I said that it's because no other religion has a God who would die for them to make a way for them to heaven and himself. We talked a little bit more, but I had to leave as it was almost time for Adam to get home. 
Then, as I was leaving the store, there was a  young man at the door. He was checking receipts to make sure you had everything you paid for. He was very friendly and happy. I asked a few questions, and he told me about his girlfriend, and that they were only dating for a few months, but that it felt like they had known each other for years. He said they were so happy together.  I asked a few more questions, and he said that they had already talked about marriage, and wasn't that crazy. I didn't think so, and told him that sometimes you know right away. He protested a bit and said that he was still in college, has lots ahead of him, and I agreed, but said that didn't mean she isn't the one. It just means not yet. I made a few attempts to offer to pray for him, but he was so in love he couldn't hear me. 
So, another time for him. It's all in God's timing, isn't it? 

I left the store and headed home. I asked the Lord to please let me get home before Adam. I thanked him for the time I spent with these two young men, and asked him to speak to them. I asked him to reveal himself in dreams and visions to the first one. I believe he will. I got home about five minutes before Adam did. 

I had just brought two bags of groceries into the house when Adam's bus arrived. And they were early. Isn't God so good? I got to talk about Him with someone who had no idea of how good He is, and still got home in time for early Adam. Please say a prayer for these young men; and that I will see them the next time I shop at this store.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Divine Appointments

Two weeks ago, after church, we were going to be at our daughter's home for dinner. I went home, dropped off Adam and fed everyone lunch, and left for the store to get dessert. I said I would be right back. An hour later, I finally made it. I had a few unexpected appointments to keep.

As I turned the corner and passed the local McDonald's, I saw a man take the cover off the garbage can and start digging through it. I can't even explain how I felt. I turned the next corner and pulled into the parking lot, intending to give him a couple of dollars. Before I could call him over to my car(he was starting to move away, the Lord said, "Give him ten." So I dug through the bills in my wallet and found a ten dollar bill as I was calling to him to come over. My heart was hurting as I watched him come closer.
His clothes were rags and his hair was long and severely matted. I knew he was homeless, and I wondered how long he was living on the streets. I had never seem him before. As he came up to the car, I handed him the money, and he smiled a giant smile at me. He had a slice of lime between his teeth (which I knew he had found as he rummaged through the can because I saw him put it into his mouth), but that didn't hide the happiness at all. He didn't really speak, just nodded and made some happy sounds. He took the money and turned away quickly, looking to the people in the drive up line who might have something for him. I saw a woman hand him some change. He was moving quickly and I prayed he'd find a place to live, and that I would see him again. I drove on to the store.

As I got out of my car, I saw a woman talking to someone in one of the handicapped parking spaces. She walked away, and the woman in the car was looking down at the ground and seemed very confused. I went over to ask if she needed some help. She was parked in the striped space, which indicated the unloading zone for wheelchair vans. She told me that the other woman had told her she couldn't park there, and this poor lady couldn't understand why. After several explanations on my part about the faded lines, she finally told me that the woman had said she couldn't park there at all because it was for vans only. That isn't true, and I told her so. I have handicapped parking privileges for my grandson, and I know it is just a courtesy to leave it for vans. She needed parking and the other lanes were all full. People are so unhelpful sometimes. However, she did need to move into the designated space in order to avoid a ticked, because the lined spaces at not for parking. As I helped her to reposition her can, a truck came rushing up to get into the space. I stopped him and told him this lady was parking there, and he didn't have a permit anyway. So he backed up and into a space in the lanes across from us.

I stood at the car chatting with the woman, and she and I had church. She shared with me, I shared with her, and we praised God. She insisted on giving me a gift. She had two beaded necklaces in the car and insisted that I must have one of them. I tried to decline, but she wouldn't hear of it, so I chose one and thanked her. As we were finishing out conversation, a man came up to the truck parked next to her(the one who had tried to take her spot had moved next to her at this point) and was cursing and slammed the driver's side mirror on the truck. I asked "What did you do that for?" and he was screaming that the driver had backed into his SUV. Joan and I both told him that we were there the whole time, and didn't see that at all. He insisted and drove angrily away, and we prayed for him and his wife, who looked very uneasy. Joan (for she had told me her name by this time) took down his license plate number, and then we walked into the store together. She felt it was important to give the plate number to the driver of the truck, but we didn't see him. I hugged her and left her to do my own shopping and get home, as I was already late.

When I came out of the store, the driver of the truck and his son were getting ready to leave, so I told them what had happened. I could tell he was intoxicated. A woman came over and accused him of hitting her car, said there were witnesses and was quite upset. He became rather aggressive with her, and tried to drive away. She, another woman and I all kept talking to him and trying to keep him from leaving. Other cars were trying to get through, so this guy couldn't leave. He really had hit her car, and he knew it. Her car had white paint all over the damage, and his truck had blue paint on it from her car. We all stuck it out until he reluctantly gave her his insurance info, and then left. The woman thanked all who stayed around to help her, and then we all left.

This was a most unusual afternoon. I often smile at and speak with people I've never met, but this is truly the first time it was such an intense experience.

The next week, I ran into Joan again, at a different grocery store. I went up to her car and introduced myself to her again. She remembered me but had forgotten where we met. We chatted for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers. We're both wondering what God has in mind for us; we think He orchestrated our meeting and are looking to see why He did.

I'm praying for the man at McDonald's. I haven't seen him again, and I'm hoping he finds someplace safe to stay, and gets enough food to eat. I feel like I should have maybe parked my car and spent some time with him instead of just giving him money for food. Maybe we'll meet again one day.

All this is in response to a prayer of my heart that I'll make a difference when I see something happening that isn't right. God answered in a very unexpected way on a very regular day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Worked On This Before, But I Just Can't Finish It

 I have found that raising typically developing children has many challenges; raising a child with challenges has changed me more than raising my three girls ever did. Adam has shown me "Jesus with skin on" better than anyone else I have met. He loves unconditionally and does it so well. He will forget your name but never forget you. He will ask you the same thing over and over again, but never get mad at you for reminding him that he just asked you that.  When he does this, he is either not able to process your response, or he's stuck in a loop and can't escape it. He doesn't hold it against you when YOU can't remember that HE can't remember that he asked you that already. He doesn't resent you when he asks you your name and you tell him, "You know my name." He does get upset though, because he doesn't know and that's why he asked you.
 He lives with pain and mostly doesn't complain. He has multiple surgeries and doesn't hate the doctor that cuts into his body so often. In fact, he loves him. Our beautiful special needs children are indeed a testimony to the darkness that there is a Kingdom of Love, and a few of its residents live and  love and battle from the time they're born to bring the light of that Kingdom to the earth. 
I think I'm done tonight. This is a sensitive spot and I think you get the gist of what I'm saying. No need to press any further. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I woke up early this morning, about an hour before I had set my alarm clock to jar me back to consciousness. I was lying in my bed and praying before getting up to join in on an early morning prayer call. I remembered a time when I was swimming and got caught in a rip current. I began to feel fear creep over me, but I prayed and refused it. That experience was twenty five years ago; why would I let it bother me now? I wouldn't.
 Have you ever gone swimming and been caught in a rip current? It can be a frightening experience. Many years ago I lived in Florida for a short time. I didn't know many people, and so, when my children went to school, I often went to the beach by myself. I always stick to the "Don't swim alone" guidelines, so when I went in the water, I would always talk to someone near me, and keep sight and awareness of them so I would have a "buddy" in case I needed one.
One afternoon, I went in the water and there was a man swimming nearby. We chatted briefly; it was a beautiful day and the water temperature was perfect. The sun was glistening on the waves. A perfect time to float around and enjoy the surf. I swam out to a distance that I knew was far enough for me; I floated and swam around for a while, keeping my eyes on the shore and my swim buddy.
After a while, I was a little tired of swimming, so I floated before starting back to shore. I rested for a few moments, flipped over and looked again; I had drifted further away from shore than I realized. I wasn't really worried as I was a strong swimmer, but I was much further out than I had been before I started to float. I headed back to shore. I was quite far from my swim buddy and I was a little nervous. How could I have drifted such a distance in such a short amount of time?
I began swimming with long, strong strokes. I checked again and saw that I was even further away than before I had started back. Now I was getting frightened. My swim buddy was far away and looked SMALL. No matter how hard I swam, I couldn't get closer to shore, and was actually being drawn further away. I didn't understand what was happening.
I thought of myself drowning and my children being left to grow up without me. There was a lifeguard on the shore, but I don't think he saw me and I didn't wave or yell for help; I didn't think he'd hear me and I needed to save my strength for swimming. I prayed to the Lord as I struggled against the tide.
Then I decided to swim parallel to the beach. I turned south and swam as hard as I could. I was able to make progress and to get closer to the shore after I had swum a few yards. I kept going and finally made it far enough in that I could stand. I was exhausted. I walked out of the water and sat on the sand for a few minutes to catch my breath. Then I walked back up the beach to where my things were.  I had probably drifted a quarter of a mile or more before I was able to get out of the water. I saw my swim buddy and he said "Hey! There you are! I was worried but then I saw you swimming so I  knew you were okay. You were really far out there! " I just laughed and said "Yeah, I was. Thanks for watching for me."
Some time later I learned that what I experienced was a rip current. I was watching a program on water safety, and discovered that what I had done as I was caught in the current was exactly what you need to do if you get trapped in one and can't escape. It's impossible to swim straight to shore and break free; you have to swim parallel and come in to shore gradually until you're past the beginning of that current. You can say it was instinct, but I know it was the Lord who gave me wisdom that I needed for the crisis I was in.
I feel that this morning, the Lord was showing me how easy it can be to drift into fear. We aren't paying attention, we're just floating along, and something unexpectedly draws us into a mindset that we weren't prepared for. It catches us by surprise, and instead of swimming away from it, we've let ourselves get caught in a powerful current. It can be overwhelming and we don't know what to do. I want to encourage anyone who's caught to call out to Jesus. He can give you wisdom to deal with your fear, wisdom on how to get free. He is your safety net, your peace. He can bring you to restful waters, where you can get back on your feet and gain strength again. He will teach you how to stay free if you will get your focus on him and keep it there. Just as he gave me wisdom to swim with the tide instead of against it, he'll show you how to swim free of fear. I wasn't afraid of being in the deep water, I was afraid of being swept away by forces that were too strong for me. In the same way, I'm not afraid to be in the depths of God, but I'm also not afraid of strong currents from the enemy or just life situations that try to drown me. I know who my Redeemer is, and that he will get me out of the most powerful tide of oppression if I reach out for him. I'm reminded of Peter, who walked on the water with the Jesus, but then looked at the waves and began to sink. He got his eyes on his situation and forgot the Lord. When he cried out, Jesus saved him. Just like you and me. We get our eyes off the Lord and onto the things that frighten us. If we cry out, like Peter did, he will rescue us and ask us why we doubted. And then give us another chance to start over, and everything we need to begin again and to succeed and do well.

I'm trusting Jesus today. As a matter of fact, I'm trusting Jesus for every day. God stopped by this morning and reminded me of how easy it is to get off track so that I could share my story, and maybe encourage someone else to look away from fear and look to him for wisdom and courage. May God bless you with his presence today.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I am an American. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Tea Partier. I am not an Anarchist. I do vote. My heritage is French, Irish, English, Dutch, Scottish, Spanish, and Native American. I consider myself to be a patriot. I love my country. My father's people came here on the Mayflower. My lineage can be traced to the Revolutionary War on both sides; warriors from both sides fought for freedom.
On the outside, my skin is beige, my eyes are green, my hair is brown. (well, mostly; it's a bit silver too) On the inside, my blood is red, I have two lungs, two kidneys, one heart, and lots of other stuff that is the same color as every other person on earth. That's my body.

 I also have a soul. I feel, think, and make decisions with my soul. Other people do the same.

 I also have a spirit. My spirit has no earthly color, but it is full of light and bears the colors of heaven.

 I have a Father who said that I'm made in his image and likeness, and he said you are too. So what does that mean? Well, it doesn't mean that God is beige. He also isn't black, brown, red, or yellow. We all look like our Father on the inside, in the deepest place of who we are. As proud as I am of my earthly heritage, I'm so much more blessed to know that my heavenly Father loves me, and that I'm a citizen there first, before I am a citizen here. So are you. And yes, he does see our color. As a matter of fact, he loves the variety. That's why he made us so different from each other. Maybe we can begin to see ourselves in the light of his love for us. Maybe we can take a breath and try again to love the way he loves. Maybe we can stop listening to the t.v., the radio, and all the angry ones who stir up trouble, and get on God's side of the troubles our world is facing. Maybe we can listen to him and get an original thought about how we can change things instead of repeating what so and so has to say. Maybe we can even love one another as he has loved us; after all, it cost him plenty. It cost the life of Jesus. One who laid down his life for a friend. You. Me. He calls us friends.  He died for us, and before he did, he prayed, "Father, make them one, just as you and I are one." This is the prayer of Jesus for the world. This is my prayer. May it be yours too.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Many times, there are battles between family members. Sometimes the war goes on for so long, that the combatants forget what started it. I think there's an old offense, an ancient one at that, which affects the whole world, and it continues to this day. This is between two brothers and their children.

In the Old Testament, there was a father named Abraham. His is a story of a faithful servant of the LORD God. He had many failings along the timeline of his life, but he is mentioned in the New Testament as faithful. "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he we out not knowing where he was going." Hebrews 11:8 ESV  "Therefore from one man, and him as good as dead, were born descendants as many as the stars of heaven and as many as the innumerable grains of sand by the seashore." Hebrews 11:12 ESV Other acts of his faithfulness are also mentioned in this chapter. And also that his descendants would be named through Isaac. This was the plan and purpose of the LORD, and the Jewish people are his descendants and live all over the world. But their homeland is the nation of Israel.

There is another child of Abraham, his firstborn son, and his name is Ishmael. He too is the father of many and of a nation. He also has a prophetic word spoken about him by God. We find this in the book of Genesis. When Hagar his mother was cast out, and feared for the life of her child, the angel of the LORD found her and spoke encouragement to her, and that her son would be called Ishmael, which means God hears. The word to her was that he would be "a wild donkey of a man, that his hand would be against everyone, and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." Genesis 16:12 NIV

If you follow this simple line of thought, you can see that we still live with the anger of this rejected son of Abraham, and his hand is against his younger brother to this very day. At this writing, the hostility between them has increased once again, but it presents as a battle over territory and a conflict of religions. The root is sibling rivalry taken to the nth degree.

For nearly four years I have been sitting on this revelation from the LORD. I have shared it here and there, but have believed that I need to write about it and share what I have learned with anyone who cares to hear what I have to say. I am beginning to do this now. Why is it important? Because I believe there needs to be a new way of looking at this and praying for these brothers. The LORD Jesus is returning soon and these families are to be part of the Kingdom of God. Those who know him now need to be able to share his love with those who don't, including the children of Isaac and Ishmael.

Four years ago, I was frequently hearing these words spoken; "I am the elder brother", and not knowing where it came from or why I was hearing it.  I sought the Lord for the answer, but didn't hear one. On a morning as I was preparing for my weekly prayer meeting, and praying for the presence of the Lord to be with us, I began praying about Abraham. He had been on my mind a great deal over the previous few weeks, and I was probing the waters for understanding.  "Lord, I mean no disrespect to you or to Abraham, but if he had waited for the fulfillment of your word to him, Ishmael would not have been born and there would not be the turmoil in the Middle East that there is now." I felt the presence of the LORD increase and he said to me " Ishmael is the elder brother in the story of the prodigal son."

I stopped pacing back and forth. "WHAT? Was that really you?" He answered "Yes. Ishmael is the elder brother." I was completely blown away by what I had heard. I also knew it was true.

Much has been written and taught about this parable, I don't disagree with any of it, nor do I think that what I have heard as a revelation from the Lord should replace what the scholars have written about for many generations. I am simply sharing something God said to me to provoke me to prayer and sharing and writing.

There is much more that I could share, and perhaps I will in subsequent posts or a small book, but I feel that I needed to begin to share my truth in this time, and not in the years it could take me to publish a book. Prayer is needed now.

What the LORD showed me about the parable is that it is unresolved. We don't know if the elder brother ever returns; we don't learn if the family was ever reconciled to each other.  This is the situation in the Middle East to this day. The brothers are not reconciled. The Jews and the Arabs are brothers. They both claim Abraham as their father. The book of Genesis tells us something  that is very interesting; Ishmael and Isaac come together to bury their father. (see chapter 25 verse 9) I believe this is significant, very significant to my purpose here; when these brothers bury their father Abraham, it will be because they have seen that they have One Father, the God and Father of us all, and will have accepted his son Jesus, the only Lord and Savior. Our prayers for their reconciliation and salvation could hasten this day.

Please don't stone me for this writing and please pray that the Lord will show you if there's any truth here or not. You don't have to embrace it if you don't want to. Hatred of one nation or the other will never bring about the reconciliation that is so needed; hatred of one nation or the other will never cause you to share the gospel of Jesus with the one you hate. Please pray. Feel free to comment. Please share if this touches you. It broke my heart for them when the Lord showed it to me. May this writing do the same for you.